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Dux News · Keep Calm and find your Athletic Trainer


Did you know that Athletic Trainers have specific education on how to handle emergencies and acute injuries?  

A great deal of an athletic trainer’s job is dedicated to emergency preparedness and injury prevention.

Here are some specific examples of what your athletic trainer has done:

  • Coordinate Zeeland’s annual Pre-participation Physical Exams, to help ensure that all athletes healthy and are ready for sports participation.
  • Develop and implement Emergency Action Plans for all Zeeland West sporting venues.  These give specific instructions on how to respond in an emergency situation so the injured person gets the quickest care possible.
  • CPR and AED training for coaches.
  • Maintenance of high school AEDs, regularly checking the AEDs to ensure they are functioning properly and ready to use.
  • Monitoring environmental conditions such as heat index, lightening and athlete hydration levels.
  • Participation in Holland Hospital’s annual Emergency Preparedness Drill held each summer.  This drill brings together area emergency responders (EMTs, Fire departments, local police, physicians and athletic trainers) to simulate emergencies that might be seen in an athletic venue.
  • Work with individual teams and coaches to include some additional injury prevention strategies specific to that person or sport.
  • Education of athletes on proper nutrition, hydration and infectious disease transmission prevention.