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Dux News · Summer ImPACT Testing Sign-up–High School ONLY

All athletes who intend to play HIGH SCHOOL sports during the 2017-2018 school year should ensure that any necessary ImPACT testing is complete during the summer.  All incoming Freshmen, Juniors, transfers or new students should make every effort to test this summer.  Very limited testing will be offered during the school year and failure to test in the summer could result in missed playing time.


Aug 7 (Monday): 2pm — at EAST
Aug 8 (Tuesday): 10am
Aug 9 (Wed.): 5pm

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Who needs to take this?
All incoming Freshmen, New Students, Juniors  or Any athlete who did not take the test during the 2016-2017 school year.  If you have questions please contact your athletic trainer or the athletic office.

I did not get a confirmation email how do I know if I’ve sign-up up?
You will not get a confirmation email, however a day or two before testing you will get a reminder email.  If you have questions please contact your athletic trainer.

What is this for?
The ImPACT test is a baseline test of brain function that will be used if an athlete sustains a concussion to help determine if any brain function is impaired.

I took this test 2 years ago so why do I need to take it again?
Because brains in high school develop at such a quick rate it is recommended that athletes be tested every 2 years to ensure that the baseline test reflects where the brain is currently functioning.

How long will the test take and do I need to bring anything?
The test will take about one hour start to finish. Parents to do NOT need to stay for the test and you do not need to bring anything with you.

Where is room E-130 at West?
Room E-130 is located in the E2 Wing at West just past the Dux Pond (School Store)

Please be sure to choose a date and time. Testing sessions are subject to change if we don’t have any sign-ups for that particular day and time.

For questions please contact:
Diana Albers, West Athletic Trainer: dalbers@zps.org 616-748-4543
Jason Burgess, East Athletic Trainer: jburgess@zps.org 616-748-3129