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Dux News · Werley’s Words: Final Forms is Up and Running!!!

Great News – Final Forms is up and Running!  Take a look at the parent instructional letter that should explain how to sign up your child:


Please Note:  For the services that FinalForms provides there will be an annual fee of $7.00 per student…

Thank you for your assistance and support in streamlining our paperwork processes for Zeeland West & Creekside Athletics.

If you have any questions or are having any trouble registering, please plan on attending one of the FinalForms instructional meetings on one of the following dates:  Tuesday July 11, Tuesday July 18, or Thursday July 27.  All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm in the Zeeland West Cafeteria.  Please bring an electronic device (Ipad, lap top or smart phone) for the meeting.

If you have successfully registered your child (children) in FinalForms and you do not have any questions – feel free to skip the meetings…

Incoming freshmen will have an issue with email addresses.  They receive a new email address, without the numeral “2” after the “stu.”  Please enter the new email address, even thought it is not yet active.  If they are not activated before the new sports season begins, then we will figure out how to deal with it and they will need to sign the forms as soon as the new email is activated.

Middle school students still need the stu2 in their email addresses.

Yours in sport,

AD Werley