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Dux News · Excel Wrap-Up

Did six weeks really go by that fast? It’s hard to believe that the end of summer is near and the start of fall sports is just about here. We wanted to thank you for entrusting us with your student-athletes this summer. We know there are many options that you have as parents for training your kids, so we are thankful that you chose us!
  After doing the math, we were very happy with our results this summer! Last winter the track teams underwent a new type of training and both teams experienced good results with each team improving around 12% over 8 weeks of training. This summer we had the following improvement percentages by group over the six weeks:
High School Boys Grades 9-12- 13.31%
Middle Schools Boys Grades 7-8- 33.66%
Middle/High Schools Girls Grades 7-12- 21.25%
  These percentages exceed the goal of our staff and reflect the hard work of the athletes and coaching staff this summer. In just six weeks time, and often less given camps, vacations, and appointments, your athletes have come a long way! For parents who had kids attend, to see how much your son or daughter improved please take a look at the middle of their pre/post test sheet they brought home last week to see their percentage increase. You will also see numbers to the right and left of that which is their score on the Quad Test. For more info on the Quadrathon Test, please follow this link below. Also, please look to the bottom of the article for some special shout outs!
  Last, if your son or daughter was not able to post test they are invited to post test this week Thursday at 10:15. We will run everybody through the test who was not able to come last week or if they would just like to test again. Ideally, we wouldn’t post test anybody until this week but we know it’s difficult to get back into school. We will also hand out all of the shirts at the same time. So even if your son or daughter has already post tested, they may come in and test again or just get their shirt. We would LOVE to be able to post test them again if they are coming in to see what a week of rest can do for their scores.
    If they are unable to come in on Thursday we will send out the plan  to pick up shirts later this week via e-mail or you can try to set up a time with Mr. Vande Guchte (nvandegu@zps.org) to pick up your shirt. Mrs. Brookhouse just got back from an oversees trip and we don’t want to burden her with shirts quite yet! Thanks for your understanding and stay tuned for more information. Congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in Excel for completing six weeks of hard work this summer! Please see below for some special recognition.
Top Quadrathon Scores:
Guy’s 9-12:
Nate Kuiper- 249
Bryce Elenbaas- 218
CJ Bankhead- 208
Ethan You- 178
Zach Overweg- 176
Guy’s 7-8:
Bergen Loeprich- 175
Hunter Busscher- 165
Austin Bomers- 151
Josh Kroll- 148
Kole Meeuwsen- 143
Girl’s 7-12:
Tally Martinez- 169
Tia Martinez- 156
Kylee Winn- 151
Tara Achterhof- 143
Emma Daniels- 142
Most Growth:
Guy’s 9-12:
Bret Yonker- +28.57%
Owen Quillan- +27.03%
Ethan Garcia- +21.10%
Guy’s 7-8:
Carter Hughes- +88.24%
Charlie Snyder- +74%
Trevor Waller- +43.43%
Girl’s 7-12:
Kayla DeVries- +42.19%
Tally Martinez- +33.07%
Kylee Winn- +30.17%