Multiple Teams · Zeeland West High School Boys Varsity Soccer falls to vs Holland HS 8-0

Monday, October 9, 2017

6:45 PM

vs Holland HS

Zeeland West High School

Game Recap

The Dux came out very flat tonight and Holland took littl time in taking advantage of it. The Dutch got on the board early and often and the Dux had no answer. The Dutch scored on 5 consecutive shots as the Dux defense couldn’t stop the Dutch. Offensively the Dux battled to gain possession and put any type of pressure on the Dutch defense. The half ended with tb Dutch up 6-0. You can’t let a team like Holland put up 6 in the 1st 40 and expect a good outcome. The 2nd half was much better from the Dux as they stepped up their defense and offense. They had a few really good scoring opportunities including a break away by Josiah Peterson that was saved by the Dutch keeper. Kadre Dryden had a couple of rips that were saved as well but the Dutch kept pressing and found the net the 2 times they needed to make it an early night. We just really struggled in that 1st half and Holland is too good to have an off night against. Hopefully we rebound Wednesday.

Box Scores

vs Holland HS


Zeeland West