Summer Excel Training- 2017

The Excel program will switch from the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule it has used in the past to a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule to accommodate extended weekend getaways for families. The goal of the switch was to get higher participation in the week’s final session. Due to the cost of this specialized equipment, the price for Excel will rise to $150 for 18 sessions, which is about $7/session when the cost of the t-shirt is figured in. Although the cost is more than in years past, the cost is much less than most training programs available in the market today. Most training and skill work will take place in groups of 10 or fewer athletes to increase form, technique, and skill development.

Due to the equipment constraints, each group will be capped at 40 athletes.  There will be a girl’s 7-12 program that runs from 8:30-9:45 (MS/HS split), a boy’s 9-12 high school program that runs from 9:45-11:00, and a 7-8 middle school boys program that runs from 11:00-12:15. Groups may be moved around slightly to accommodate the largest group of athletes if necessary. If a time slot has more than 40 athletes signed up a wait list will be started and a decision will be made if another group is necessary. An additional group is not guaranteed so families are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible to ensure a spot. Sign ups will begin on Wednesday, May 10 at 7:30 AM and will be done through the Zeeland West Sports website. 

All Excel related question can be sent to Nate Vande Guchte at or (616) 748-4777 x5434.